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Our training is $2000 and includes a lifetime of training – you can come back and visit us at any point to refine your skills or get your next rating. If you take some time off and you want to come back and get current then we are here for you. We teach every single day of the year. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who would say anything disparaging about us. This is your best guarantee. Please take some time to research us. Ask some people what they know about Pennell Paramotor and Zack Pennell.
Used motors start at around $3500. New motors start at $5600 and can cost as much as $14,500.
Used gliders start at $1500 and new gliders start at $3500.
Reserve parachutes start at $550 but are usually a bit bulky at that price and a $700 or $800 one is a lot more compact.


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More info PPG 830-832-4155 Central Texas San Antonio / Austin

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