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…is the newest branch of the sport of Paragliding.
Speed flyers use small ram air canopies that are smaller, simpler versions of paragliders. Speed Flying Wings are highly stable and easy to use, although they do fly faster than normal paragliders. Speed flying wings can be foot launched like a normal paraglider, or launched with skis on snow.


Foot Launched Speed Flying, in which pilots use their feet to run and launch from steep mountain terrain, or at windy ‘ridge soaring’ sites. Launching and landing the smallest sizes of speed flying wings by foot can be tricky, but the larger sizes are simple and easy to launch and land in the right conditions. Most pilots will use the larger sizes (12m to 16m sizes) for foot launched flight.

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Ski Launched Speed Riding, in which pilots use skis to access launches in mountain terrain, and then fly / ski through that terrain at high speeds. Skis make launching and landing these fast wings simple and easy for any pilot with a moderate skill level in the sports of paragliding and skiing. Most pilots will choose the smaller sizes of Bullet and Bullet GT (8m to 12m) for ski launch Speed Riding.

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