Scorpio 185 Paramotor

You will be surprised by the countless elements of the new design of the Kraft Scorpio Paramotors:

  • Propeller protection ring produced in aerodynamic profile, which sets a new reference in relation to a low aerodynamic coeficient.
  • The main body of the frame, spars, arms… are produced in strong aluminiun alloy 7075.
  • You don’t need any tool to dismantle the frame, as it counts on a new “clips-barrette” system, and the rest of the parts are fitted with screws; in case that you broken any of the parts, you can order it by its reference, and change it yourself at home.
  • Surprising confort because the motor does NOT transmit vibrations to the frame thanks to its “sandwich” type design
  • Innovative system to adjust the motor torque to the pilot preference.
  • New Comfort harness with double density foam, ripstop material, ergonomic pads, lumbar adjustment, ventral adjustment, etc… , pulleys for the speed bar, 2 pockets, sideways rescue option.
  • Do not limit yourself, don’t allow anything or anybody to stop you!


Engine:  Vittorazi Moster 185 Plus

Cylinder capacity and power:  184,7 cc / 25 hp

RPM máx:  7800 rpm

Reduction ratio:  1/2.68 – 1/2.87

Starter:  Manual – 3S (Soft Starter System)

Carburetor:  Walbro

Centrifugal clutch:  Yes

Spark plug type:  NGK BR9ES

Thrust (kgs):  75 kg with propeller 130 cms

Wood propeller diameter:  125 cm (standard)

Carbon propeller diameter:  115 / 125 / 130 cms (optional)

Fuel tank:  13 liters (standard)

Paramotor wieght with harness:

Maximum pilot weight:  70 – 120 kgs

Propeller protection:  Yes

Rpm – counter:  Optional

Fuel:  Gasoline 91 octane + synthetic oil 3% during the break-in, afterwards 2,5%

Consumption:  3.8 – 4.2 liters / cruise flight hour



Kraft Scorpio Moster 185 plus Paramotor

The Moster 185 Plus is an exceptional engine; small, light, powerfull, reliable; these are some words which define it.

The enthusiasm of Vittorazi in the production of this engine is reflected in its excellent performance. It is very linear in the power delivery, has little noise and low consumption.

Elements like the new exhaust silencer “Db-Killer” make of this engine a prestigious engine.

As we can choose propellers of 115 cms, 125 cms or 130 cms, this engine is suitable for a wide range of pilots weights, from 70 kgs. to 120 kgs.



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