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The special two-seat Cruise Carbon trike axle was given the name CRUISE CARBON TAXI as it enables tandem pilots to have an easy start and landing with a passenger. The big advantage of the CRUISE CARBON TAXI trike is the potential to use the RODEO or INSTINCT paramotor. The Taxi axle is fully compatible with all Cruise line trikes. The axle is designed from solid and light materials with two wheels without a break instead of just one front wheel as with a single axle.The perfect axle suspension absorbs hard landings, even in tandem. Another significant advantage of this compact tandem is variability. You can decide whether to fly only by paramotor or with a trike with a single axle or in tandem with a partner on a CRUISE CARBON TAXI.


Free suspension of the seat

The pilot’s seat suspension is the same as for single axle. The passenger seat is removable and it can be attached to the pilot seat using struts and karabiners and the bottom part of the seat is mounted on the frame of the TAXI axle.


Special rear axle suspension

High level of passive safety even with a passenger! All shocks are primarily dampened by the chassis frame which fully absorbs even hard landings in tandem.



The great advantage of CRUISE CARBON TAXI is the compactness of this tandem, the variability, the compatibility with all other Cruise Carbon trikes, and of course, the easy and quick to replace axles.


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